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PC222 Pre Columbian Pedestal Bowl

AA196 Carving of Guanyin and Child

A1236 Hindu Temple Fragment

A1235 Hindu Temple Fragment

A1234 Hindu Temple Fragment

AA195 Stone Buddha Head

RM351 Roman Aucissa Brooch

20FA46 Patricia Minh Huong Nguyen

A281 Babylonian Cuneiform Clay Tablet

BY288 Byzantine Bronze Finger Ring

PA154 Papua New Guinea Mask

ICON115 The Virgin and Child with Saints

ICON114 Archangel Michael

WC62 Lucca: City: Penny

WC61 Lucca: City: Penny

WC60 Valence: Bishops: Penny

WC59 Valence: Bishops: Penny

WC58 Antioch Tancred Bronze Follis

A2314 Indo-Persian Rectangular Mirror

RM349 Roman Plate Brooch

CL18 Clactonian Flint Point

SA289 Viking Bead and Pendant Necklace

MS109 Large Calcite Crystal Specimen

MS105 British Cassiterite Mineral Specimen

MS106 British Quartz Mineral Specimen

MS114 British Quartz and Dolomite Mineral Specimen

MS112 British Cassiterite Mineral Specimen

MS107 British Cassiterite Mineral Specimen

MS113 Sphalerite, Galena and Quartz Mineral Specimen

MS102 British Olivenite Mineral Specimen

MS115 British Quartz Mineral Specimen

MS110 British Quartz and Chalcedony Mineral Specimen

MS103 Quartz, Marcasite and Pyrite Mineral Specimen

MS104 British Mica 'Trelavourite' Mineral Specimen

MS116 British Fluorite Mineral Specimens

MS101 British Aragonite and Quartz Mineral Specimen

MS111 British Calcite Specimens

MS108 British Quartz Specimens

RM348 Roman Hod Hill Brooch

GA283 Ancient Greek Squat Lekythos

ICON112 Corpus Christi

ICON111 King and Saints

HA167 Scotland Alexander III Long Cross Penny

AA190 Ban Chiang Shell Bracelet

PC221 Pre Columbian Moche Copper Axehead

PC220 Pre Columbian Moche Copper Axehead

TA156 African Congolese Hatchet

HA166 Charles I, Tower, Sixpence

HA166 Elizabeth I, Sixpence

HA165 Elizabeth I, Sixpence

HA164 Elizabeth I, Sixpence

HA163 Elizabeth I, Sixpence

HA162 Charles II, Hammered Halfcrown