Ancient Greek Antiquities 

Authentic Ancient Greek Antiquities.

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GA290 Greek Knife Blade

GA291 Figurine of Aphrodite-Astarte

GA289 Ancient Greek Dipping Cup

GA288 Ancient Greek Gnathian Stamnos

GA286 Ancient Greek Aryballos

GA285 Greek Apulian Blackware Footed Wine Cup

GA284 Ancient Greek Terracotta Bowl

GA283a Ancient Greek Core-Formed Glass Amphoriskos

GA283 Ancient Greek Squat Lekythos

GA282 Ancient Greek Attic Lekythos

GA282 Greek Bronze Arrowhead

GA281 Ancient Greek Pottery Dish

GA280 Ancient Greek Pottery Bowl

GA279 Ancient Greek Pottery Storage Vessel

GA278 Hellenistic Pottery Oil Lamp

GA277 Ancient Greek Aryballos

GA273 Greek Head of a Goddess

GA272 Greek Head of a Goddess

GA270 Greek Daunian Ceramic Painted Two-Handled Dish

GA269 Hellenistic Statuette of a Draped Woman

GA268 Hellenistic Statue of Hebe

GA267 Hellenistic Pottery Jug

GA266 Hellenistic Pottery Spindle Flask

GA265 Hellenistic Pottery Spindle Flask

GA264 Hellenistic Pottery Spindle Flask

GA263 Cypriot Pottery Bowl

GA262 Greek South Italian Vessel

GA261 Greek Bronze Arrowhead

GA258 Greek Terracotta Bust of a Dacian

GA254 Scythian Axehead

GA253 Scythian Large Axehead

GA252 Scythian Axehead

GA248 White Ware Cypriot Bowl

GA247 Greek Bronze Arrowhead

GA245 Greek Bronze Arrowhead

GA243 Greek Bronze Arrowhead

GA239 Cypriot Pottery Figure

GA233 Hellenistic Stoneware Jug

GA226 Greco-Bactrian Spoons

GA219 Greek Bronze Spectacle Brooch

GA218 Greek Perfume Oil Alabastron

GA217 Greek Perfume Oil Alabastron

GA216 Cypriot Pottery Flask, 8th. Century B.C.

GA207 Greek Miniature Ceramic Jar

GA196 Ancient Greek Hellenistic Figure

GA193 Greek Apulian Ceramic Blackware Flat Kylix

GA192 Greek Daunian Ceramic Painted Two-Handled Dish

GA190 Greek Apulian Blackware Skythos

GA189 Greek Red Pottry Jug

GA188 Greek Blackware Mug

GA185 Ancient Greek Hellenistic Pottery Dish

GA184 Greek Apulian Pottery Kylix

GA179 Ancient Greek Pottery Pedestal Dish

GA178 Ancient Greek Pottery Jug

GA176 Ancient Greek Skythos

GA174 Greek, Apulian Single Handled Mug

GA173 Hellenistic Three Handled Pottery Vessel

GA167 Greek Corinthian Pottery Jug

GA166 Greek Pottery Cup

GA163 Greek Hellenistic Pottery Cup

GA162 Greek Corinthian Pottery Jug

GA160 Greek Hellenistic Pottery Dish