GA318 Late Cypro-Classical Carved Hand

AA279 Bronze Buddha Head

A317 Mesopotamian Stone Seal

SA299 Anglo-Saxon Silver Gilt Pendant

SA291 Viking Silver Axe Head Pendant

SA289 Viking Silver Ingots

PF35 Fossil Willow Leaf (Salix)

RM389 Roman Ballista Ball

RM386 Roman Bronze Face Mount

NE507 Neolithic Bifacial Polished Axe-Head

NE506 Neolithic Bifacial Flint Axe-head

PA159 Maori Polished Jade Adze Pendant

PA158 Maori Polished Jade Adze Pendant

A304 Luristan Bronze Statuette

AA1251 Khmer Female Sandstone Figure

E351 Egyptian First Dynasty Arrowhead

BA227 Early Bronze Age Arrowhead

NE498 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

A2339 Islamic Glazed Bowl

E319 Egyptian Bone Fish Amulet

A296 South Arabian Female Bronze Statuette

NE491 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

D295 Keichousaurus hui

NE485 Neolithic Flint Tools c.3000 B.C.

CL21 Clactonian Flint Tools

PC234 Pre-Columbian Mayan Stone Celt

RM358 Roman Belt Buckle

NE471a Neolithic Flint Scrapers

RM355 Roman Marble Head of Hercules

AA199 Chinese Carved Stone Figure of a Bodhisattva

ME246 Medieval Ceramic Pipkin

PC219 Mayan Polychrome Oval Bowl

ME243 Pottery Baluster-Shaped Jug

E244 Romano-Egyptian Ribbed Pottery Vessel

PA155 Early Maori Axe Head

AA183 Ming Dynasty Attendant Deity

ICON106 Russian Icon Plaque

D283 Stylemus Turtle Egg

ME237 Medieval Stone Corbel

D272 Loch Ness Dinosaur Footprints

RM218a Roman Discus Oil Lamp

AA143 Chinese Marble Buddhist Panel

RM201 Roman Kohl Pot

TA149 African Bakongo Short Sword

TA148 African Zande Knife

TA147 African Luba Ceremonial Knife

BA198 Bronze Age Arrowhead

MO143 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Scraper

BA194 Iron Age Celtic Chariot Harness Attachments

E177 Egyptian Pottery Oil Lamp

RC155 Vespasian Sow and Piglets Denarius

RM298 Roman Surgical Knives

ME183 Pair of Lead-Alloy Female Faces

GA217 Greek Perfume Oil Alabastron

NE261 Neolithic Knife c.4000 B.C.

E138 Egyptian Alabaster Mace Head

SA201 Saxon Bronze Belt Fittings

NE248 Neolithic Scraper c.4000 B.C.

RM216 Roman Bronze Belt-Fitting

D183 Spinosaurs Dinosaur Tooth

BY233 Byzantine Bronze Cross Pendant

GA192 Greek Daunian Ceramic Painted Two-Handled Dish

PC150 Pre-Columbian Mayan Ceramic Vessel

A146 Middle Bronze Age Jar