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Our lastest acquisitions of Antiquities and Ancient Coins from around the world.

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RM449 Roman Glass Bead Necklace

NAN175 Aterian Tanged Point 85,000 to 40,000 B.C.

NE541 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

NE540 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

NE539 Neolithic/Early Bronze Age Flint Arrowhead

RM448 Roman Bronze Phalera Group

RM447 Roman Strap End Group

BY321 Byzantine Strap End

BY320 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

RM446 Roman Terracotta Oil Lamp

RM444 Roman Glass Bead Necklace

BY319 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY318 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

A2372 Early Islamic Oil Lamp

GA331 Hellenistic Pottery Oil Lamp

BY317 Byzantine Glass Cross

SA300 Viking Mordvinian Type Omega Brooch

RM443 Roman Glass Bead Necklace

RM442 Roman Glass Bead Necklace

RM441 Roman Yellow Glass Bead Necklace

GA330 Hellenistic Pottery Oil Lamp

RM440 Roman Oil Lamp with Sol Invictus

RM439 Roman Garnet Bead Necklace

DSA36 Neolithic Danish Lightly Polished Flint Axehead

PC256 Pre-Colombian Colima Effigy Face Jug

PC255 Pre-Colombian Chorrera Kneeling Figure

HA196 Charles I Penny

HA195 Henry VIII Long Cross Halfpenny

HA194 Edward III Treaty Penny

RC203 Septimius Severus Victory Denarius

RC202 Trajan Roma Denarius

GA249 Macedonia Phillip II Unit

AA289 Chinese Ming Glazed Vessel

A332 Indus Valley Painted Storage Jar

BY316 Byzantine Glass Cross

A331 Babylonian Bracelet with Serpents

RM438 Roman Bronze Bracelet

RM437 Roman Bronze Bracelet

NE536 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3000 B.C.

E372 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Arrowhead

E371 Pre-Dynastic Naqada Egyptian Flint Arrowhead

NAN174 Aterian Tanged Point 85,000 to 40,000 B.C.