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TA188 Kissi Nomoli Figure

A1260 Indian Bronze Temple Guardian Figure

TA187 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

AA281 Shakyamuni Sakyamuni Buddha Seal Stamp

PC245 Casas Grandes Pottery Votive Figure

A1259 Indian Bronze Figure of Vishnu

AA280a Bronze Buddha Head

TA186 Manilla Slave Bangle

BA235 Bronze Age (Hallstatt Culture) Bracelet

AC147 Middle Acheulian Hand-Axe

A318 Ancient Luristan Bronze Bracelet

AA280 Bronze Buddha Head

A1258 Bronze Nursing Mother Fragment

A1257 Stone Temple Fragment

DSA36 Neolithic Danish Polished Flint Axehead

TA184 Ife Bronze Royal Head Portrait

DSA35 Neolithic Danish Flint Spearhead

PC244 Pre-Columbian Chancay Burial Textile Dolls

PC243 Pre-Columbian Moche Pottery Vase

PC243 Pre-Columbian Moche Pottery Turtle Bowl

TA183 Bronze Benin Oba King Bust

AA278 Silver Patinated Bronze Buddha Head

SA298 Anglo-Saxon Silver Finger Ring

BY306 Byzantine Bronze Pendant

SA297 Anglo-Saxon Silver Finger Ring

BY305 Byzantine Bronze Pendant

ME262 Bronze Decorated Cross

BY304 Byzantine Silver Cross

SA295 Anglo-Saxon Silver Finger Ring

SA296 Anglo-Saxon Silver Gilt Pendant

BY303 Byzantine Silver Cross

SA294 Anglo-Saxon Silver Hair Ring

SA293 Viking Silver Bracelet

RM392 Roman Bronze Key Group

SA292 Saxon Penannular Cloak Pin

ME261 Bronze Horse Harness Pendant Group

SA290 Viking Silver Earrings