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E308 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Arrowhead

E307 Egyptian First Dynasty Arrowhead/Point

E306 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Ounan Point

E305 Pre-Dynastic Naqada Egyptian Flint Arrowhead

E304 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Sickle Blade

MF129 Megalodon Shark Tooth

D295 Keichousaurus hui

D294 Sinohydrosaurus lingyuanensis

E303 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Arrowhead

E300 Egyptian First Dynasty Arrowhead/Point

NE488 Neolithic Flint Blade Group

TA165 Bronze Medieval Orisa Ibeji Figures

BA235 Bronze Age Bracelet

BA234 Bronze Age Bracelet

BA233 Bronze Age Bracelet

BA232 Bronze Age Bracelet

A2330 Islamic Pottery Dish

A2329 Islamic Medieval Vase

ST514 Stoneware Coil Pot

RC193 Licinius, Jupiter Follis

RC192 Constantine I (the Great), Jupiter Follis

RC191 Licinius, Jupiter Follis

WC63 Islamic, Rasulid, Lion Dirham

HA170 Charles I Halfgroat

HA170 Charles I Shilling

HA169 Edward I Halfpenny

BC75 Theophilos, Portrait Follis

RC190 Constantine I (the Great)

CC33 Gaul, Senones, Veliocases

GA237 Ancient Greek, Cilia

GA236 Macedonia, Philip II

WC63 Islamic, Rasulid, Dirham