Genuine Fish Fossils from around the World

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MF59 Megalodon Shark Vertebra

MF129 Megalodon Shark Tooth

MF128 Megalodon Tooth

MF120 Megalodon Tooth

MF119 Megalodon Tooth

MF118 Jianghanghichthys hubiensis Fish

MF117 Jianghanghichthys hubiensis Fish

MF116 Jianghanghichthys hubiensis Fish

MF113 Fossil Lobster

MF108 Victorian Fossil Fish Teeth Collection

MF106 Fossil Diplomystus Fish

MF103 Fossil Starfish

MF102 Jurassic Lycoptera Fish

MF98 Large Fossil Starfish

MF94 Fossil Priscacara liops Fish

MF88 Knightia alta Fish

MF81 Cosmopolitodus (Carcharodon) hastalis Tooth

MF73 Megalodon Tooth

MF71 Megalodon Tooth

MF33 Cretaceous Brittlestar

MF25 Lepisosteus sp. (Extinct Gar Fish) Scale

MF24 Lepisosteus sp. (Extinct Gar Fish) Scale