This is an African Short Sword from the Democratic Republic of the Bakongo belonging to the Kongo, 19th century. This short sword has a 316mm long iron blade with a 180mm wide arching non-sharpened end and two 'backwards' tapering concave to straight cutting edges. One face has received a partial cleaning while on the opposite side the metal has been left dark. The blade and has a ridge along the centre to give great rigidity and a double punched curved design. The wooden grip is wrapped with brass wire. Provenance: from an old Oxfordshire collection. Overall length is 426mm.

The Bakongo occupy the region at the mouth of the Congo River. Numerous subgroups go to form the vast Kongo cultural complex, among which are the Vili, the Woyo and the Yombe. These tribes produce a diversity of artistic styles, with Bakongo/Kongo art being one of the best known.

Price: 85.00

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African Bakongo Short Sword. NP Collectables
TA149 African Bakongo Short Sword
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